Wew i'm still alive

Oi, i still alive XD;;
Don't worry i'm still back UTAU-ing~

Ochi's ACT.3 design: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/File:OCHEHACT3.png

- Now she's tied? Lol yeah her hair longer a bit.
- On her waist... there's no belt who stick on waist's belt
- Those orange color... now yellow-ish
- Her eyes color turns to black
- She isn't wearing double cloth but her arms is stick in one jacket (dunno what it called orz)

Oh BTW i will cosplaying as her on an event. Its Gelar Jepang 2011 at UI (Universitas Indonesia) on 26th June (oh its held after my exam so happy *yayplz*) at the lecturer's parking area. I hope you all coming to this event at meet me there 8D /shot

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