Hiatus and fix UST

Hiatus for 2 weeks because of Mid-Test ._.


Do you know my UST Dengarkan Curhatku by Vierra? Ok i'll fixed it again later because i find the MIDI of full version/complete |"D. So, someone who have the old one, i recommended to download the NEW. I'll fix that UST later after Mid-Test ^^;

Now i have to finish my homework |"DDD


Stuff and Matryoshka Daikoru and Kagamine Len

Daikoru is back :D aww thanks for はなまルカ on PIXIV for making fanart of Daikoru X3 

Ok Daikoru and Kagamine Len sings Matryoshka! :D


MP3 list

Here a bunch of MP3 of my UTAU Mizuamene Ochi and Daikoru if you wanna download it in this blog. ^w^

Zurete Iku「ずれていく」
LOL -lots of laugh-
Panda Hero「パンダヒーロー」
Left Right「右左-みぎひだり-」
Happy Synthesizer「ハッピーシンセサイザ」 with Ai Hiko


-will update more-

Matryoshka with EMU-3M, Kocchi Muite Baby and Melancholic

Finnaly i made Ochi sings Matryoshka with EMU-3M :D

I made Ochi sings Kocchi Muite Baby!

And Melancholic