About Mizuamene Ochi

Mizuamene Ochi Act. 1

Name: Mizuamene Ochi
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Model: N-56 ( "N" is from the first later of the author's name , "56" is author's lucky number; a same number with the Height and Weight )
Item(s): Mango, Bazooka bamboo
Personality: She is cheerfull, loves to play. She loves to sings near the water. She can't
resist if she looks a mango. Or if someone steal her mango she attack it. She prefer high voice and dislike low voice. And her special ability.
If she mad and cry she will calls a huge storm, so don't do mess with her. She also use her
Bazooka Bamboo when some of her friend are in danger.

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Note from the author:

First, thanks for download my first UTAU ^^. She can sings Japanese, English, and Indonesian.
I know is so hard to make this UTAU ^^; you know... i'm a lazy type..."
But.. i'm glad this UTAU is released X3

About 6 months i made this UTAU....

Each of her .wav files i give effects in Audicity with Speed: 22.355 and Pitch: 1.02 with my real voice
( so why her voice really childish ^^; ) expect breath.wav

Free use and non-commercial only!

If you make her sing, please send the link of the Video or tag it on Youtube or else so i can look it ^^

Once again.. thanks ^^

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